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Melissa Muther

24. November 2020|

The enchanting Mellisa Muther is currently recording part of her upcoming album with the no less enchanting Werner Goldbach. Please save this artist, follow, like, …  dings and dongs.
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Double Bass Recording

28. April 2020|

Last night i recorded double bass with felix wiegand for barny murphy. Nice evening with beer and fat sound.

Tulipmania Recordings

17. April 2020|

Even before the great corona crisis, the indie band Tulipmania recorded the basic tracks for their new 10 “vinyl EP. As always, great fun with great melodies. I’m really looking forward to the finished result.
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Jazz Recording

20. February 2020|

At the beginning of February we made a nice jazz test recording to test the acoustic behavior of the room with several musicians in the room. It worked amazingly well and of course it was a lot of fun as always.
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25. January 2020|

In January I had the first recording in the studio. The guest was the Würzburg real estate company Immo Heller. Together we have a webinar on “Self-Marketing in Real Estate Sales!” added. In principle, like a metal band, just a little quieter. Good luck with the webinar.
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